Exotic Pet Medicine in Springville

At Big Springs Veterinary Clinic, we treat exotic pets as well, including reptiles, mini pigs, and pocket pets.

pet dentistry in springville
pet dentistry in springville

Exotic Pet Services

If you own any exotic pets, knowing where to go when they become sick or injured is good. Establishing a good working relationship with an exotic pet veterinarian in Springville can be a challenge for any pet owner but is a special challenge for the exotic pet owner. We treat exotic pocket pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and ferrets, as well as some reptiles like bearded dragons and snakes.

We also see mini pigs for exams, hoof, and tusk trims that can be performed sedated or unsedated depending on the pig’s demeanor.

As an owner, it is important that you bring your pet in for annual exams. It is very easy not to recognize symptoms of illness in your exotic pet when your pet exhibits them. At Big Springs Veterinary Clinic, we can give your pet a full exam, monitor your animal’s weight, detect slight onset of disease, give you nutritional, behavioral, and husbandry education, and develop a relationship with you and your pet that may one day save its life.