Pet Preventative Care in Springville

Allowing Big Springs Veterinary Clinic to examine your pet annually and keep the vaccinations you need up to date can help your pet have a longer, healthier life.

pet preventative care in springville
pet preventative care in springville

Wellness Care for Your Pet

Pet Preventative Care

Preventive care goes beyond having your pet vaccinated. A thorough physical exam, annually or semi-annually, is very important during the life of your pet. Our furry companions age more rapidly than humans. Therefore, subtle abnormalities are early indications there is more occurring.

Routine bloodwork is an extremely valuable tool helping us assess your pet’s health. Assessing growths on your pet, hair loss, weight loss or weight gain are all very important when noticed and are another aspect of preventive care.

Dental health is an extremely important preventive care element most commonly overlooked. We understand that changes in our pet’s mouths differ from pet to pet. A routine check on your pets’ teeth can help us avoid painful gingivitis, tooth root abscesses, and extractions once the disease process has worsened.

Pet Vaccinations
Vaccines are of the utmost importance to our young pets. Because the vaccines are very effective, a proper immunization schedule with our new friends helps us avoid costly or potentially fatal illnesses.

We also believe that there’s not a one size fits all approach when it comes to vaccinating our mature pets. Consult with Dr. Elliott during a wellness exam to determine what fits your pet.